“Young Artists on the Rise” at MAG


The Mamaroneck Artist Guild was packed Thursday night for the group’s 10th anniversary reception and awards ceremony for the Young Artists on the Rise exhibition currently on display.

First Place Drawing, Clelie Feuga, "Self Portrait"

The show, which includes 90 selected works by very dedicated and talented art students from New Rochelle, Mamaroneck and the French American High Schools, reflect the importance of art instruction in our schools.

It was clearly very exciting for parents, students, teachers and their friends to be part of this important community event, which showcases sculptures atop of pedestals and paintings, photographs and mixed media hanging on the gallery walls.

The exhibition also identifies the art teachers behind the students. They teach techniques but they also teach confidence and creative process. This exhibition honors them.

For all the students, it is a chance to be rewarded for their passion for art. And for some of them, this might be the first of many other shows as they are dream of becoming working artists.

Ariana Montes-Kemp, whose collage earned first place in Mixed Media, is waiting to hear for acceptance from such prestigious art schools as Cooper’s Union and SVA.  She turned her magazine assignment into a futuristic vision.

“I have been studying Life Drawing and Oil Painting after school for many years, I want to do art for a living,” she says.

On the other hand, art is just another part of life for Clelie Feuga.  Even though she takes AP Studio art, she is not going to pursue it as a career.  Her self-portrait in charcoal was awarded first place in Drawing.

Molly Cohen, Watercolor "The Tree"

Elizabeth Coretto is only a sophomore in Mr. Keen’s illustration class at Mamaroneck High School.  Yet her talent is no less than her senior classmates. Her painting of a friend’s portrait gave her the first in Painting Distinction.

Many pieces did not receive an award but they certainly are worthy of them.  For example, Molly Cohen’s watercolor of a tree is very traditional in form and content, but nonetheless technically advanced. Yasmine Kacha displays her business card and sample of her Henna Hand Painting art.  Jehan Awad’s ceramic  “Love Pyramid” is a tribute both to his Egyptian background and to universal love.

The second place  winner in Mixed Media, a structure of a horse, would have been more powerful if hung freely from the ceiling as it is meant to be seen through the glass on all sides.  Scott Seaboldt, the teacher at New Rochelle High School, also revealed that “the piece broke, but it is part of the creative process.”

Many believe art in our schools is necessary for teenagers. Art instruction teaches technical skills, as well as cr

eative ways to use them. Art is a powerful expressive voice. Art is a thinking process tool.  Share the enthusiasm and go see the exhibition.  Suzanne Montresor, Director of the Guild, will be happy to guide you through it.

You might even find a piece you would want to buy!

The show runs through January 26thMamaroneck Artists Guild, Larchmont.

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  1. Very impressive. Have members and anyone else who loves the arts stop by http://www.youthartsforum.org and click on visual or performing arts. The mission is to “unite the youth of the world through the arts”.Sign up. A great way to have your love of the arts shared with the world. Many gallery shows and concerts planned for 2011.
    Thank you

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