Worker Admits Stealing $163,582 in Yonkers Overdue Library Fines


Yonkers Main Public Library

The Westchester County DA today announced a guilty plea by a woman in one of the stranger, and frankly, sadder, non-violent crimes in a long time around here.

Margo Reed, a former employee of the Yonkers Public Library at 1 Larkin Center, is accused of pocketing overdue book fines from library patrons to the tune of $163,582 from 2004-2007.

That’s a lot of change.

Margo Reed

Said District Attorney Janet DiFiore, “With the limited resources and tight budgets that exist today throughout government, this kind of crime directly impacts children, students, the elderly and anyone who looks to the public library system as a place of knowledge and enjoyment.”

Sentencing will be May 3rd, 2012.

Top photo: Wikimedia commons; bottom photo: Westchester District Attorney’s Office

One thought on “Worker Admits Stealing $163,582 in Yonkers Overdue Library Fines

  1. Nice. She must have been a pillar of the community, as usual. Nobody wondered how she and her family could afford those nice cars and exotic vacations, but , you know, hard work, dedication and family sense, that’s all you need to succeed in life.

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