What’s the Right Word for that thing that Happens on the Train?


Have you seen The New York Commuter’s Glossary? Or do you merely live it?

It’s Loop contributor Mike Malone of trainjotting‘s perfect pitch compendium of the words we wish we’d thought of:

  • Spatial Profiling– selecting one’s seat on the train based on the size of the person inhabiting the adjacent seat (p. 36),
  • HAT&T Trick  (pron. Hay tee and tee trick)– making 3 cellphone calls during one train ride (p.23)

I was a strange victim of Unfare (p.42) Sunday. Because I buy 10-rides, one off-peak and one peak, I have often had conductors gladly punch a peak fare for an off-peak ride, because I have run out of the other. I have seen conductors take tickets to White Plains, or Croton, because the fare was about the same.

I had a peak ticket New Rochelle to Grand Central ($9.25), though I was riding off-peak Larchmont to Grand Central ($7.75). But this conductress demanded $3.00 due to the difference in zone between Larchmont and New Rochelle.



2 thoughts on “What’s the Right Word for that thing that Happens on the Train?

  1. August 7, 2012

    Re: NY Commuter’s Glossary: How about that passenger behind you that rattles his/her newspaper right in your ear?

    I’m all for literacy but not at the expense of my hearing!

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