One Week: Westchester Still Not Fully Restored, Politicians Blast Utilities



Larchmont March 3, 2018


13,000 Westchester residents still without power are waiting for 11:00 pm Friday, when Con Ed has said final outages will be restored. Their wait will have lasted over a week, since the first Nor’easter hit Mar. 2.  Con Ed Map of outages

Westchester County Executive George Latimer will deliver a “Statement of Solidarity” in White Plains Friday and call for the Presidents of Con Edison and NYSEG to step down.

Meanwhile, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is questioning whether the utility company should keep its license.  Residents have been critical of Cuomo’s failure to survey the damage as of yet, after he made three trips to Puerto Rico after the Hurricane that cut power to the Island.

Latimer’s statement:
“In light of the inadequate and troubled response by ConEdison and NYSEG to restore tens of thousands of Westchester Customers after Winter Storm Reilly,” he said,  “I invite you to join me to call for the Presidents of both companies to step down.  Both ConEdison and NYSEG have fumbled the recovering effort and we as County residents can no longer stand by and accept this.  Along with both Presidents stepping down, I would also like a clean sweep of senior management, and I want a new philosophy adopted.

2 thoughts on “One Week: Westchester Still Not Fully Restored, Politicians Blast Utilities

    • Yes it is time to bury all the power lines. We can’t be held at the mercy of falling trees. I would be willing to spend more in taxes to do it..even though I did not lose power I know people who did and it was horrible..

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