The beautiful blue skies Thursday afternoon are little reward for the flooded streets and basements left by two days of heavy rain.

The normally complacent brook in Larchmont Gardens Thursday


Mamaroneck Avenue School had an announced two hour delay, then closed (thank you, Loop reader) due to high water in the immediate area. The Village of Mamaroneck reports flooding continues at  :

 First Street and North Barry Avenue Extension
Howard Avenue
Van Ranst Avenue
Jefferson Ext and Train Bridge
Fenimore and Hoyt
New and Ralph
Plaza at Waverly and Center

Rye Police report  “flood waters have receded in most parts of the City. The Blind Brook has receded significantly, however, the forecast calls for the possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight. A Flood Warning remains in effect. Therefore, we advise residents to monitor weather reports carefully and be prepared to react accordingly if flooding should reoccur. “

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