(Updated) : Mamaroneck, Rye Neck, New Rochelle School Budget


Update: The 2017-2018 Proposed Mamaroneck School District budget passed. Unofficial budget results show 77% of the voters (1,634) voting YES and 23% (491) voting NO.

“Once again, we appreciate the level of community involvement with the budget process leading up to today and thank all community members who came out to vote,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Shaps said. “This year was a particularly important year to get out the vote. The budget will provide the appropriate resources to enable us to accommodate increased enrollment and continue to strengthen this extraordinary school district.”

From Tuesday —

Today is the day to vote on where your local property taxes go. Polls opened Tuesday morning for voting on 2017-2018 local school budgets.

Mamaroneck FSD’s is particularly contentious this year. Have a look at what some members of the community have been saying before you head out to vote.

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