Village of Mamaroneck Blotter (Is it Against the Law to Spit on a Mailbox?)


Village of Mamaroneck Police Department

Suspicious Incident: On East Boston Post Road, a property dispute broke out between former business associates. The caller states that a person spit on her business mailbox and left numerous “post cards” of a non-threatening nature.  Feb. 20.

Larceny: On Walton Avenue between Feb. 20th and Feb. 21st an unknown person entered a parked unlocked car and took prescription medication.

Larceny: At New York Sports Club a jacket was stolen containing keys and a cell phone from the gym at 10:30pm. Feb. 22

Larceny: On Florence Street a GPS was stolen from a car while parked, unlocked and unoccupied on the street.  Feb. 24

Larceny: At New York Sports Club a wallet containing $200, credit cards, and drivers license were taken from a locked locker at 5:19pm.  Feb. 25

Larceny: A bicycle valued at $400 was stolen on Palmer Avenue that was left secured and locked outside of a residence at 9:30am. Feb. 27

Things reported but unfounded:

A man lying down on the sidewalk of Rushmore Avenue at 12am

Two males driving a white van left a suspicious package on a sewer

A person switching license plates on a vehicle

A man dressed in black was looking in a woman’s second floor window from about 400 yards away in the courtyard area

3 thoughts on “Village of Mamaroneck Blotter (Is it Against the Law to Spit on a Mailbox?)

  1. Question: “Things reported but unfounded.” What does that mean? They were not investigated or they were found to be without basis?

    • Sorry for the confusion. Things reported but unfounded means they were reported and investigated but nothing could be found, or they checked out as being okay.

      • Thanks, now I understand. I can understand the shortcut in terminology for the pros, but I guess for us non-police the it would make more sense to spell it out – it also could make the people who reported these things sound a little unhinged (which might be true, of course).

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