Villa Maria Pizza


Villa Maria Pizza  Reliable convenient pizza joint with plenty of seating. Beer available. (see Nicky’s) 6 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont. 914.834-8134.

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One thought on “Villa Maria Pizza

  1. The pizza at Villa Maria is the best- thin crisp crust and delicious sauce – wasn’t always great years back- but it is now! Sal’s? Well will someone explain it to me? It is dull with no character and yet I keep trying it hoping it will live up to its rep.
    The best reliable spot- Encore- always good, great fish and salads and the best roast chicken, nice ambiance.
    My secret for the freshest, healthiest Chinese is called Gourmet Noodle and they deliver-located next to Cosi’s on Quaker Ridge near North Avenue. And you forgot GUS’s!! Always a good time and great food. Had a good dinner at Nessa in Portchester- much tastier than Lusardi’s , but you have to go farther….

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