Vacation Story: Ghost Towns of Summer


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Have you ever dreamed of throwing your children in the car, leaving your spouse behind, and taking off a la Jack Kerouac to show them the great, wide country that unfolds somewhere west of White Plains?

A land where the sheer beauty and history of our own country will inspire all of you to unplug in every way possible?

In other words, Wyoming?

Then you caught yourself, right? And thought, “What was I thinking? I have to work! Gas is $4.00! There’s no Trader Joe’s!”

Not I.

With two children at the glorious age of 9 1/2, still young and sweet, but old enough to be almost profound at times; an on-going science project, as they are twins born one minute apart, but as a boy and girl communicate and process the world in ways that could not be more different; we soon depart on a 1,341 mile odyssey from Denver to Yellowstone, and back.

Watch this space…and soon you can read about how I rented an SUV for $159 a week (when the price is really $1200) and, perhaps, other adventures.

theLoop is in good hands with, though in August, it seems, I may be trading one Ghost Town for several more.

See you in September.


One thought on “Vacation Story: Ghost Towns of Summer

  1. Polly,

    What a glorious trip. It’s a once in a lifetime moment – late summer, the West and two kids who are at a perfect age. Forget about work if you can. Have a great time. Hopefully you will post some photos for those of us stuck in the East.

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