Unleashed Pit Bull Attacks Dog, Injures Woman, in Mamaroneck


We hate these stories because it often leaves other pit bulls homeless, when in fact it’s probably the owner’s fault for not leashing one:

Mamaroneck Village Police say  a 75 year old woman was walking her small dog on Florence Street Sept. 26 when the dog was attacked by a “pit bull type dog that was loose and unleashed.”

The woman tried to separate the dogs and was injured on the hands, including losing the tip of one finger. Her dog was killed.

Police say the pit bull and owner reside on Jensen Avenue.  The  owner of the pit bull was charged under the Agriculture and Market Law with 1 count of dangerous dog attack on domestic animal (a violation) and is due in Village of Mamaroneck court Tuesday.

photo: pit bull terrier by gr8dnes on Flickr

3 thoughts on “Unleashed Pit Bull Attacks Dog, Injures Woman, in Mamaroneck

  1. pitbulls were not bred to attack other dogs..pitbulls were bred for hunting they are powerful dogs but extremely loving if placed with the right owner… Ive had several pitbulls never had a problem or issue if we’re going to start banning pitbulls why dont we start with you!!

  2. there is sooooomuch hype when a pit bull is involved…My pit bull has been attacked by other dogs running out of their yard or doors. She is totally submissive and hid behind me, with a bit of growling out of fear. I know a Dalmation that took a chunk out of a childs face while playing with the owners children, yet we do not hear all these stories. I still say that if they are raised with love they are usually loving… but some animals like people are fear biters or just do not have great temperments. to single out this breed is wrong..

  3. The owners fault for not leashing one?? Lets be realistic. The dog attacked and KILLED another dog. This is not normal dog behavior, but it is normal pit bull behavior. They have been bred for generations to attack other dogs without provocation and to ignore signs of submission from other dogs. Signs that normal breeds recognize and respect.

    While the owner is certainly an idiot, I guarantee you if he owned a different breed this 75 year old woman would still have her dog and her finger.

    I am so tired of people making excuses for pit bulls. It’s time to ban them here and everywhere else.

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