Throwback Thursday : Tung? Oy. Mamaroneck


tung hoy

The date was September 14, 2010.

For seven years, the former Tung Hoy Restaurant at 1160 West Boston Post Road, near Mamaroneck High School, stood empty. 

And for all those many years residents made suggestions about what to put there: a restaurant, a store…

Reader Leslie Brill commented, Goodbye to Tung Hoy–torn down today! Anyone know what’s happening there? Not sorry to see it go, except for those lions. Maybe they’re sitting in someone’s living room or garden now–a genuine piece of Mamaroneck memorabilia.

It was at a time when businesses were opening and closing here weekly.

So…what appeared? A Bank of America. Was that something we really needed?  Say the Planning Board minutes from the time, “the size of the building would be reduced, there would be no food doors, and more screening.”

Well, there is that.





5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday : Tung? Oy. Mamaroneck

  1. I’ll take a bad egg roll over a new bank any day. Fortune cookie reads: “New bank popularity greatly increased by addition of drive-through window for Chinese food.”

  2. What is with the plague of bank buildings? No community could possibly need as many of them as are constantly going up, often replacing viable businesses. In Stamford, a popular, newly refurbished and newly landscaped fabulous dining spot was razed and replaced by a bank.

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