Train Ticket Office to Close


Metro North is closing the ticket offices at the Larchmont (and Harrison) train stations.



 (And just as they’re opening a snack bar to raise revenue.)

 From LoHud bloggers.

5 thoughts on “Train Ticket Office to Close

  1. I just don’t get it. Subway lines are being eliminated, they’re taking away metrocards from kids who need to take MTA buses to go to school, they close offices so you can’t buy tickets when the machines don’t work (as they often don’t) then you get nailed w/ the $5 on board fare, to sit in a smelly, over-crowded train. MTA is awful, period.

  2. Unless I am mistaken, it was the Village and the Town that invested (our tax dollars) in the waiting area upgrades, and it is the MTA that is shuttering the ticket office. It would seem there is scant coordination between the railroad and the communities. Does it strike anyone else that revving up the coffee concession could cover the expenses of the ticket office?

  3. Are they closing the new waiting area they just upgraded a few years ago, too? No wonder they are running out of money.

    That will be fun when both machines are out of order.

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