Cool Finds: The Little Ranch

09 Apr, 2014

By Loop Contributor

little ranchSubmitted by Karen Hessel:

The Little Ranch Western Wear at 328 Huguenot Avenue in New Rochelle (of all places)  is a tiny store that’s amazingly well stocked.  There are even pointy pink cowboy boots with rhinestones, in case someone is invited to a wedding in Texas soon.

Didn’t see any boots with skulls on the tips as in “Breaking Bad,” but did spot a few snake heads on the snakeskin boots.

little ranch

little ranch


little ranch
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  • J. Mark Lane

    Little Ranch is one of my favorite shops. I have several pairs of boots from there. They have a great inventory and can quickly get something if they don’t have it. Funny thing, for years all I would buy is Lucchese’s (which they sell), but in recent years some of the Mexican brands (which they also sell) have met or exceeded the Lucchese standard for quality. The folks who run this shop are friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Also do good repairs. Highly recommended.