Town of Mamaroneck: Tell Ernie


Is the Town of Mamaroneck doing enough to get citizens involved in the process of government?

Or do citizens just not care? Some interesting observations and comments on Town Board Member Ernie Odierna’s blog this past week.

5 thoughts on “Town of Mamaroneck: Tell Ernie

  1. You know why there are so many whitefish in the Yellowstone River? Because the Fish and Game people have never done anything to help them.
    – Russell Chatham

    Andrew’s comment sounds correct. That “they” may say its another “government’s” responsibility, would sound like we don’t need one or the other.

    But seems it’s easier for many of the Town Trustees to sit back and tend to their own interests and seems Ernie was the exception.

    So, seems from the article, you and we have three choices:

    1. Tell Ernie – “link” above in this article – and ask him to bring it up to the others.

    2. Go to the meeting, wait till the end of the meeting – hear its somewhere around 10:00PM – 11:00PM – and then ask them your question.

    3. Wait till the next Town election and ask them as they ask for your vote at the train station while you’re w-a-i-t-i-n-g for the train.

  2. Isn’t it time that Ernie and other local politicians address the problems locals are having getting in and out of NYC on Metro North’s New Haven Line? There would be little money to spend in town if our commuters weren’t traveling into NYC to earn it. Despite the difficulties imposed on our commuters by MNR’s abominable “service,” none of our government representatives have spoken out about it. How about it, Ernie?

  3. The most important political office is that of the private citizen.
    – Louis Brandeis

    Catherine, it’s nice to hear that the Board is accommodating of you. But process makes the Board, whoever its members are at any time, equally accommodating of all. The current system works only for those willing and able to wait for the end of the meeting. Unfortunately, you get less than half the story on TV. For example, you may want to read the full Moody report or make some calculations of the deferred expenses. That the Board refused to discuss the proposal to allow anyone to speak briefly early in the meeting is government slamming the door in the face of all the people.

  4. If one needed to address the Board beforehand, because of time constraints, I have always found the Town very accommodating. So I’m not sure the comments amendment is necessary.

    Most people are pretty busy. I catch the meetings on TV, but if it’s something I feel strongly about, I go to the meeting and wait my turn. It seems to work for most folks.

    Ernie, you usually you get a call only when there’s a problem, so you must be doing a good job!

    I have always been proud of our Town Trustees, who make a bipartisan Board run smoothly, shepherding our Town’s business (and AAA ratings) with such enthusiasm and professionalism.

    Let me now take the time to thank you and your co-trustees, and Supervisor O’Keeffe, for doing such a splendid job all these years. We are in good hands.

  5. No Taxation Without Representation!
    – J. Mayhew

    Once again it is clear, the alternate penalty of taxation with representation. Though one might say that if government doesn’t let the people speak and doesn’t bring the camera into the meeting room, whether the people are represented is unfortunately open to question.

    The first response to the Feb 3rd blog posting by “Tell Ernie” is correct as among the Town Board only Mr. Odierna is representing the people of the Town. The Councilman deserves respect and thanks. It will be interesting to find out who among his colleagues were present to oppose “the people”.

    Thanks also to “theloop”, for once again shedding light on an important issue in our community. It’s been said that a critical role of the fourth estate, is to protect against the over-reach of the branches of government.

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