Topless at the Hommocks Pool?

baby at pool
To the Editor: Today I was almost kicked off the grounds of the Hommocks (municipal) pool in the Town of Mamaroneck because my daughter, a 3 year old, wasn’t wearing “proper swim attire” She was just wearing a bikini without a top. Really, I feel very insulted and discriminated against. Is there a way I could get around this? I think she WAS wearing appropriate attire and it wasn’t specified… The rules don’t say baby girls must wear a top. In fact, after further research, I find that topless bathing for adult women is actually legal in the State of New York. Here are the pool rules: The following Rules and Regulations are in place for your safety and enjoyment during your stay. We ask that you please review and follow them so that all patrons can enjoy their visit.
  1. Please be aware of pool depth markers.
  2. Please obey lifeguards:No talking to the lifeguards unless requesting emergency assistance.
  3. Street clothing is not permitted in the pool area. Exception to this would be for special events such as swim meets, lessons, etc.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in the pool complex, locker rooms or hallways.
  5. No alcoholic beverages permitted.
  6. No running, ball playing or dangerous play is allowed anywhere in the pool complex.
  7. Diving boards are not open to the public.
  8. Adults are responsible for and must supervise any child using a swimaid (bubbles/water rings).
  9. Children 12 and under sent to the pool without adequate supervision will not be allowed admittance.
  10. Town flotation equipment is not available for use by the public. Swim aids (face masks, snorkel, etc.) are not permitted in the pool without approval of the Pool Director.
  11. Babies still in the “diaper stage” are permitted in the pool with rubber pants covering diaper or by wearing a swim diaper. No exceptions.
  12. Baby carriages & chairs are not permitted on the main pool deck or within 5 feet of the training pool edge.
  13. No radios or tape players are permitted in the pool or patio area. Radios may be used with headphones only.
  14. Proper swimming attire required – no cutoffs permitted.
  15. The Town of Mamaroneck is not responsible for any lost or stolen items from the pool (lock-up!). You must provide your own lock. Lockers available free of charge.
  16. Chairs & tables may not be reserved for an entire day. Adults have priority over children using lawn furniture.
  17. Pools will close upon first clap of thunder or sighting of lightning & will remain closed until management deems it safe to re-open. All patrons MUST go indoors. No refunds due to inclement weather conditions.
  18. Please use gender specific locker rooms with children over 6 years old.
  19. Entrance to all facilities is through the locker rooms. No one will be admitted through the outside gates or pool deck.
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18 thoughts on “Topless at the Hommocks Pool?

  1. This is just sillyness. Girls and Women have had the same rights as boys and men to go topless in NYS for more than a dozen years.

    There are demonstrations every year to exercise this right. You may feel uncomfortable yourself; but if your daughter was upset, you might bring her, just to cheer, on August 25, to NYC.

    And, who could forget this cool song by Westchester County’s own Dar Williams?

  2. The idea of needing a top for a child is even more ridiculous than needing one for an adult. Breasts are not sex organ, they are for feeding.

  3. What kind of pervert considers it improper for a 3 year old girl to go without a top. If I found out that happened around my daughter, I’d find another place for her to play. The people running that pool should be investigated.

  4. If it is a public pool anywhere in New York state, females of all ages may go topfree. Even to make a comment or suggestion of otherwise is discrimination based on sex, and may be dealt with through filing a complaint with your local civil rights bureau, and/or refusing to cover up upon request.

    • Road trip to NY to check out all the sets of twins at the pool area, preferably 21 and older..uh, not that much older

  5. But 5 & 6 year old boys showering and running naked in the woman’s locker room is ok ? Where is common sense?

  6. Oh for heaven sakes! When I was little the girls went shirtless in the summer until at least 5 and no one thought a thing. Sounds like the Hommock’s staff is unwilling to use common sense.

  7. It all depends on what one might find “proper”. Proper attire is not defined here, so it’s up to the individual. I don’t see why we should raise girls feeling shame about their nakedness. It’s not like a 3 year old has boobs.

  8. Actually, it is a nice way to raise your daughter. She’s three and should be able to go without a top. There is no shame in that. Jane, look around. Perhaps the adults walking around town half naked should hear your disdain. Not the mother of a three year old.

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