To the Editor: A Larchmont Memorial Day Remembrance

127 N Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont

127 N Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont


To the Editor:

While in the Town Center recently, I saw the display by the Larchmont Historical Society of pictures of the veterans honored in the Kemper Memorial.  As a resident of North Chatsworth Avenue, my eye caught the name of Lt Richard Twombly of 127 North Chatsworth, an address a couple of blocks and across the street from me.

I have passed that house literally thousands of times without knowing this part of its history, but the next time I walked the dog, I noted it, a white colonial sitting quietly on a rise.

According to the Kemper website, Lt. Twombly was killed on January 6, 1945 in the snow and cold during the Battle of the Bulge.  As I looked at the house, a sadness came over me as I pictured the scene after the telegram came; the cars, the neighbors’ visits, the grief while Christmas decorations were still up.  It brought home to me the sacrifices that ordinary people from pleasant places like Larchmont have made for our country.  My own sons ran up and down that same street and attended Murray Avenue School as did young Richard Twombly.

It is good that we have monuments like the Kemper Memorial and organizations like the Larchmont Historical Society so that we do not take things for granted and are reminded that we follow in the footsteps of heroes.  I know that I will be reminded this Memorial Day and every time I pass that part of my street.

Robert S. Herbst


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