They Say You Can Do Anything with Duct Tape



Hannah and her Duct Tape

Many young girls like to make jewelry, clay pots, even playlists on an i-touch.

But duct tape flowers?

Hannah Sloane is no ordinary 12 year old. The 7th Grader at Hommocks Middle School, who lives in  Mamaroneck, is, according to her parents Peter and Michele, and a website called Mitzvah Market, creating “Duct Designs.”

“My sister and I started designing and making flower duct tape pencils over the summer and started using them in school,” she tells the website. “Everybody wanted them so I decided to take on a few friends to help us and make it a real business.”

At $2-$4 each, the pencil toppers were selling recently at Futterman’s Stationery in Larchmont. Part of a Mitzvah project for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah, the proceeds will go to the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation and her school’s service club.


Hannah Sloane Mitzvah Project

photos: Peter Sloane

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