They Love a Parade


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The 64th annual Fireman’s Parade on Mamaroneck Avenue was a great success, as always;  Fire houses and police departments participated from Connecticut to New York and New Jersey, marching to support and honor fireman everywhere. The occasion was matched with perfect summer evening weather and with it came an amazing turnout.

photo: june marie sobrito

The crowd lined up on each side of Mamaroneck Avenue from the Train Station all the way to the Harbor. Children celebrated with noise makers from street vendors, the smell of fresh pizza trailed its way down the avenue and  the American Flag hung high over Mamaroneck Avenue and rippled in the warm breeze.

The excitement began with a group police officers on their motorcycles from many areas. The roar of the bikes made the crowd cheer. An appearance was made from the Mamaroneck Volunteer Fire Department’s 70 year member “Past Chief”, Walter Webber, Jr.

Old retired fire trucks were brought back in action on the avenue for the night. One old truck released and explosion of confetti on to the street and over the crowd. Next,the Halstead Manor Engine and Hose Company marched proudly with their banner as they celebrated their 100th anniversary (from 1911 to 2011).  Mayor of Mamaroneck Norman Rosenblum made an appearance in a classic Chevrolet car. The mayor was followed by other members of his board: trustees Santoro, Ryan, Hofstetter , Albert and Village Manager Richard Slingerland.

Firefighter Joseph Kovalsky is a volunteer firefighter and is a member of the Westchester Firefighters Emerald Society Pipes and Drums. Kovalsky said he has been playing the drums and marching in Mamaroneck’s Fireman Parade for 25 years now. He says his fellow Emerald Society members are comprised of firefighters, volunteer firefighters and police officers.

The celebration (for some) had just began as Wednesday marked the opening night of the Fireman’s Carnival in the harbor. The carnival with continue to Tuesday July 5th.

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