The Voracious Reader: An Appreciation



Independent bookstores rock.  The area is fortunate to have some great ones. The Voracious Reader in Larchmont celebrates five years this week.

Herewith, a little pop quiz, written by VR’s Francine Lucidon.

1.The Voracious Reader first opened its doors to the public in
(a)  June 1997
(b)  April 1897
(c)  March 2007
(d)  November 2007

2.The Voracious Reader now carries books for
(a) babies through teens
(b) non- fiction readers
(c) adults
(d) all of the above

3.In 2011 The Voracious Reader added a
(a) Tea Shop
(b) Shoe Store
(c) Swimming Pool
(d) Pet Shop

4.Which of the following animals has visited our store?
(a) shelter cats
(b) bunnies
(c) horse
(d) dog
(e) all of the above

5.Approximately how many events has The Voracious Reader hosted
since opening?
(a) over 4 million
(b) 1 per month for a total of 60
(c) 1 per week for a total of 260
(d) over 1,000

6.What award did The Voracious Reader win in 2011 from Westchester Magazine?
(a) The Richard Scarry Best Bookstore Ever Award
(b) Best Bookstore of the Planet Award
(c) Best of the Millenium for Kids
(d) Best of the Decade for Kids

7.What is NOT part of the mission and core values of The Voracious Reader?
(a) Help families slow down and embrace the joy of shared stories
(b) Connect with community over books
(c) Become a huge multibillion dollar online behemoth selling books below cost in order to  collect your data, destroying Main Streets everywhere
(d) Create and sustain book culture
(e) Have fun! Love books! Enjoy community!

Answers: 1.(c), 2.(d), 3.(a), 4.(e), 5.(d), 6.(d), 7.(c)

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