The Tread-X Workout: Yin and Yang


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We’re American. We want what we want in the least amount of time with the most amount of fun. What do we want from sports and exercise? To feel good and look great. As quickly as possible.

Lichtman leads the floor exercises while half the class runs treadmills

Now walk into any gym. Over on one side, staring trance-like at TV screens, are several dozen people running the treadmills or marching in the elliptical. There’s a strength training class going on in one studio and yoga in another. A bunch of guys grunt at the mirror heaving weights.

What if you could get the benefits of all of this in one class? I now think it’s possible.

It’s the Tread-X class at Bodyfit in downtown Scarsdale.  (Tread-X is a loop sponsor) When you meet Michelle Lichtman, who founded of BodyFit (based on the Lotte Berk Method) in 2002, and the brain behind the brand new Tread-X, you’ll admire her fitness and energy. When you leave, you’ll think she’s a genius.

The digital timer goes off and half the class takes to timed intervals on a treadmill, half to work on the floor. Fifteen minutes. Lichtman in effect, begins teaching two classes at once. Both halves of the class follow instructions and slowly increase exertion.

Then, we switch. Treaders to the floor with steps and weights, those on the floor to the treadmills. Fifteen minutes, we switch again.

“It’s in interval training that you lose weight,” Lichtman says, “And everyone’s working at their own level. The rate of exertion is your own. The people that need this class the most don’t want to come to a class that they feel is not going to be their level, but this is designed around their own rate of exertion.”

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Those on the floor reach up and pull down a pair nylon straps, what the webste calls the “TRX® three dimensional suspension training system.” It’s part Cirque de Soleil, part bondage, and a core workout. The heart’s recovering from interval running, and now you’re squeezing your abs. And you’re drenched.

“There has to be a yin to that yang,” she says.

Bringing your heart rate up, coming off the run and then going back, creates what Lichtman calls “muscle confusion.” The constant pushing and recovery are designed to help you lose weight.
There are young women and middle aged men. One student, a 67 year old grandmother, says she’s never been in better shape. They’ve come here from Scarsdale, Larchmont, Chappaqua, Greenwich.

A brand new student was asked, “What did you think?” by another. “It was different,” she responded.

Lichtman smiles, “She’ll be back.”

Tread-X at BodyFit- 858 Scarsdale Avenue, Scarsdale, NY 10583  Valet parking available – 914-725-9400 –

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