The New Loop is here!


Welcome to Loop 2.0 !

We have new features, better navigability, and more opportunities to interact !

Here are some of the things you can expect:

Registration:  In order to post a comment or participate in the new forums section, you need to be registered on the site. Do it once, and you’re done. Remember your user name (or use your real one!)

Calendar:  Our new calendar is self-serve!  We encourage you to input your organization’s public events.

Food Directory: Our extensive restaurant listings and user reviews is unlike anything in this area; you can search by location or cuisine. We will offer restaurants enhanced listings with a copy of their menu, a map and a link to their website.

Rant and Rave: These popular sections are now together. What’s bugging you? and who deserves a shout-out?

Classifieds: All paid listings, whether you’re hiring, selling something, or posting a professional announcement for your business, will be all together in one classifieds section.

Video: Loop videos, both appearing in posts and independent of written content, will appear at the bottom of the site in a “featured videos” box.

Milestones: You will soon be able to post your celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries and other rites of passage. We post obituaries from public records, but you can also post or enhance one.

Subscribing: We still have an opt-in newsletter (Fridays and sometimes more often) and a daily email in the morning with the latest posts.

Contacting us: Easy. Use the submission form on the top right, where it says “click here to tip the loop,” check our individual emails in the About us section, or email

Submissions: Welcome. Tips, reporting, photography, video, suggestions…

Have a look around.

— the staff at theLoop

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