Tenures Announced in Mamaroneck Schools


At the May 10 Mamaroneck School Board meeting, Superintendent of the Mamaroneck School District Dr. Robert Shaps acknowledged and congratulated the recipients of tenure.  “These individuals represent the extraordinary caliber of our faculty. . . . They exemplify our district’s reputation for the investment in teaching and service.”

The recipients were Greg Cuddy- guidance counselor at Mamaroneck High School, Susan Feinstein – science teacher at Mamaroneck High School, Kristen Macaluso – guidance counselor at Mamaroneck High School, Lainie Lichtenstein – guidance counselor at Mamaroneck High School,  Betty Comerford – Family Consumer Science teacher at Hommocks, Ronald Nobles – science teacher at Hommocks, Daneen Payne – guidance counselor at Hommocks, Kristen Porto – art teacher at Mamaroneck Ave. School, Barbara Wang – kindergarten teacher at Mamamroneck Ave., Gail Boyle – Principal at Chatsworth, Catherine Wynn – special education teacher at Chatsworth, Melanie Arminio – third grade teacher at Murray Avenue School, Denise Geertgens- third grade teacher at Murray, Kimberly Hickey – special education teacher at Murray, Margaret Hoddinott – first grade teacher at Central School, Alexis Longhitano – special education teacher at Central and Jennifer Wiesner – special education teacher at Central.
Special accolades went to Betty Commerford who received approximately $100,000 to build a greenhouse on the roof at Hommocks Middle School.  “She engages students with hands on learning and stresses the importance of nutrition and positive decision making,” said Shaps.


Debbie Ausch is the owner of the Prodigy Learning Center in Larchmont

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