Rosen Redistricted out of Run for Congress

Congressional redistricting has claimed its first victim. Mark Rosen, a Larchmont Republican who had announced his intention to seek the Congressional seat now held by Democrat Rep. Nita Lowey, dropped out Wednesday. “Given the redistricting that was just announced, I regret that I can no longer run the effective race we envisioned with Congresswoman Nita Lowey. My kids go to Murray Avenue School. This is our home.

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Westchester Competes Strongly with NYC for Young Adults


Radio station WFUV reports on a new study that finds young adults like living in Westchester County almost as much as in the City. This is due to the mix of nightlife, parks, schools and public transportation. The Business Council of Westchester did the study. “We may have expected that there was a real youth flight to New York City, but this suggests that Westchester competes strongly,” says Marsha Gordon of the Council. more

Photo: Jacqueline Silberbush

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It’s Linsanity! (Is he moving here?)

One comment in online reads, “It is starting to require actual effort to remain completely ignorant of this person.” For those who’ve been successful to date, here is every story posted by Gothamist on Jeremy Lin, the current Knicks sensation. And the tabs are making a lot of hay with his apparent move “up” to Westchester to rent  Golden State Warrior David Lee’s apartment in White Plains that Amar’e Stoudemire is relinquishing; It’s close to the training camp in Greenburgh. Want to see the handshake? (see also

photo: jay santiago on flickr

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Over the Weekend

The first snowfall of the season (unless you count that freakishness right before Halloween) finally came. It’ll be gone soon. It’s supposed to get to 50 degrees today. It was very Ferris Bueller in Mamaroneck Schools- First, MHS closed suddenly Friday and the building was evacuated after a Con Ed gas leak right outside the school on Boston Post Road. Weekend school activities were cancelled and some Midterms were postponed.

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