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Cool Finds: Race Horses RIP, New Rochelle

They come on upon you suddenly when you walk the trails in Ward Acres

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Cool Finds: Paws Place at Ward Acres

If you’re not crazy about dogs, to the point where you will stand in a muddy field full of them in the cold, in the rain or in the blazing heat, please read no further. This section of New Rochelle’s vast 62 acre Ward Acres Park is a 3-acre fenced-in dog run, and run they do, dozens of them at a time. Since it was formalized as a dog park in 2008, many humans in the area visit weekly, daily or even more frequently, and some have organized various campaigns to keep access to the area free of charge. The City of New Rochelle asks you to buy an annual license to bring dogs here (but we have never seen this enforced.)

More about other Cool Finds in historic Ward Acres soon. send us your Cool Finds!

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