One Year Ago Today: Epic Snow

This should really drive home how weird this winter’s weather is. We posted these photos by Patti Roberts of snowfall in Larchmont Manor on theLoop one year ago today. (As I write, it’s 55 degrees outside.)

Over the Weekend

The first snowfall of the season (unless you count that freakishness right before Halloween) finally came. It’ll be gone soon. It’s supposed to get to 50 degrees today. It was very Ferris Bueller in Mamaroneck Schools- First, MHS closed suddenly Friday and the building was evacuated after a Con Ed gas leak right outside the school on Boston Post Road. Weekend school activities were cancelled and some Midterms were postponed.

Snow Piles Could Cost You

The wacky winter we’ve had so far has tested our snow-disposal protocol in ways we never imagined, as piles of the white stuff have continually mounted. In turn, the Village of Mamaroneck is considering putting another official snow regulation on the books – one that would fine people for shoveling or blowing snow into the streets, which could hinder the safe travels of emergency vehicles. As Village Administrator Richard Slingerland explains: “While it is one thing to have an occasional shovel of snow thrown into the street, we had 4 to 5-foot high piles of snow plowed into and left in the middle of the street, and streets that had been plowed and salted clean down to the blacktop had been covered back up with snow-blown snow to the depth of 8″ to 12”.  This would make streets impassable to police, fire, ambulance and other emergency utility vehicles.”

Village officials also are considering an addition to the current law requiring folks to clean snow off their sidewalks or face fines up to $250, which would impact residents of high-traffic areas, such as downtown or near apartment buildings, Slingerland says. Under such a provision, the village would be authorized to clean the snow and ice in those areas – and send the bill to the property owner or tenant.

Kim Berns’ Post Road: Another Snow Job

It’s Saturday morning and it’s snowing.  Three deer are in my yard trying to eat a couple of bushes that are still visible-they got in the backyard because we left the gate open to let the dog out the basement exit because he can’t go down the icy steps.  The fence belonging to the gate is teetering under a six foot mound created by the plow guy, and the playroom downstairs took on water from the brief thaw causing the carpet to lurch up like a hunchback because of warped floor boards.  So much for feeling safely ensconced in your own private Idaho. But who can complain when 900 cars are abandoned on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive this week after a powerful storm swept through the Midwest from northern Wisconsin all the way down to Houston? Forget about the 6,000 flights being canceled and hanging at the airport.  Try sitting in your vehicle for 12 to 13 hours with 70 mile an hour winds blowing your little metal toy car around.  One of the daring souls that tried to make it on foot was swept away into the lake and drowned; others huddled in abandoned city buses waiting for emergency vehicles that never came. I had just left Chicago and missed this disaster which closed schools for two days, something that hadn’t happened there in12 years.  That hasn’t happened here in 12 minutes. Home schooling can be a virtuous goal, but we don’t pay the kind of taxes we do so I can pursue it.  Gone are the cozy, pajama wearing smug good-mommy moments of watching yet another movie with the kids and cheering ‘snow day’.  Snowball fights have turned aggressive along with intermittently begging and insisting my babysitter drive on 1-95 to get here at any cost.

Snowfall, Sunrise.

Photographer Patti Roberts captured these images in Manor Park Thursday at sunrise, describing it as “one of the top ten moments of my life. Sublime.”

More Snow…

The Village of Mamaroneck is already asking business owners to be ready for another storm. In an email  Village Manager Richard Slingerland writes,

“The weather services are tracking a storm that could turn out to have ‘significant’ impacts on our region from Tuesday into Thursday, depending on the track of the storm as well as on the temperature:    Accuweather report

Please notify the Mamaroneck Community …that when it snows, snow-plowing services, business owners and home and property owners SHOULD NOT SHOVEL OR PLOW THE SNOW INTO THE STREETS.  It creates a hazardous situation making it impossible for cars to stop and could cause accidents and injuries, especially when we have extended periods of freezing low temperatures like we are experiencing now.” Not again.


A nasty, bone-chilling mix of ice and rain on top of melt-and-freeze-again snow has closed school in Rye today, delayed opening in Mamaroneck, Rye Neck and Scarsdale, and generally messed with all of us. Later, just rain. More information here. Be careful out there!

Another Snow Storm Moving In

Less than a week after the last Snow Day, the Loop area could be pounded with up to 14 inches of the cold, white stuff starting Tuesday night. “We’re fully stocked with salt and ready to go,” said Mamaroneck Village Manager Richard Slingerland. “Village emergency senior staff are all on alert and tracking the storm, and we’ll continue the same procedures we have in place to plow the roads as normal and clear paths for emergency vehicles to respond to and from emergency calls,” he said. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch, calling for 6 to 14 inches of snow and gusty winds starting after midnight Tuesday and continuing through early Wednesday. Travel conditions could be hazardous.