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Coming Up: Fall at Sheldrake Environmental Center


Spend some quality time with your family on Saturday, September 22, at the Sheldrake Environmental Center, when the whole gang can participate in the International Coastal Clean-up and be part of a worldwide effort, by helping clean up the Larchmont Conservancy, as well as Manor Beach and the Hommocks Conservation Area. Then starting Monday September 24, Sheldrake launches  its new season of children programs for a wide variety of age groups.  Jam-packed with adventure, discovery, and fun, there are nature classes for Tiny Trekkers (ages 3-5 with caregiver), Young Explorers (ages 4-5), and Eco-crafting (Kindergarteners), as well as Holiday and Vacation Camps (ages 4-6). For those children who want to take a different approach to getting close to nature, there is Yoga for Kids (kindergarteners-3rd graders), which will teach them some basic yoga postures in a relaxed way, while having them enjoy the outdoors and appreciate their surroundings. For adults, starting September 24, there’s the Master Composter & Recycler Program, a train-the-trainer course that inspires you  to teach other adults and make choices which have a positive impact on the environment. On October 14, Sheldrake’s Fall Festival is back with live animals, live music, arts and crafts, face painting, pumpkin painting, naturalist-led activities and more for everyone to enjoy.