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Tonight: A Vision for Playland’s Future

As you probably know, Playland will close in its current form, and a few proposals are being considered for its future. Among them is Sustainable Playland , a plan that “takes a holistic approach to create a year-round destination that will unlock the full recreational, environmental and entertainment value of Playland while respecting the historical integrity of the Park.” Sustainable Playland will hold an open meeting Tuesday, February 28, 7:00 PM at the Mamaroneck Library (enter by Emelin Theater) Come learn about the only locally generated proposal for the re-invention of Playland from the architects and developers who hope to make it a reality. About Sustainable Playland: Sustainable Playland is a grass-roots, non-profit organization that submitted a proposal for the re-invention of Playland Park in March 2010. We are the only homegrown proposal among the three finalists being considered by the County Executive.

Charges Dropped against Playland Muslims

Fifteen of those charged with crimes ranging from disorderly conduct to assault in the Rye Playland riot last summer had their cases dropped yesterday (Tuesday). A Rye Town Court judge told the defendants, however, that they must stay out of trouble for two months. Tempers flared when those wearing Hijabs, the traditional head-covering for Muslim women, were refused entry on August 30. The case inspired debate about whether the State Police over-reacted. As the New York Times reports, all of the female defendants wore headscarves to Court.

Playland Muslim Headgear Defendants in Court Today

Many of the “suspects” in the Muslim “headgear riot” at Playland in August are in Rye City Court this morning, and the Westchester DA’s office tells us “the case may be resolved” today. There are about fifteen defendants, most from Brooklyn, who were charged with a variety of crimes, including assault, when  some of the women tried to gain entry on rides that prohibit any kind of headwear. Tempers flared when those wearing Hijabs, the traditional head-covering for Muslim women, were refused entry. The case inspired debate about whether the police over-reacted. They were there as part of a trip sponsored by the Muslim American Society of New York.

Images of Playland

The photographer’s visions include colorful graphic images of the park’s Art Deco architecture, private inside views of the old bathhouse and photographic reminiscences of the rides that have entertained and captivated generations of visitors.
Playland, Westchester NY

Free Playland

The controversy concerning a spectator fee for Playland is beginning to resemble a beloved ride in that park: The Whip.

City of Rye: Update from the Mayor

From Rye Mayor Doug French: The Healthcare Challenge At its March 2nd meeting, the City Council will hear from the City Manager and a subcommittee of our Citizens Finance Committee on the healthcare cost challenges facing the City. One-quarter or $7.5M of the $30M annual operating budget of the City goes toward employee benefits and payroll taxes. This line item grew 14% in one year from $6.5M driven partly by the new Federal healthcare legislation. While employee pensions are part of this rise, pensions are mandated under the New York State Constitution and reform is currently being discussed in Albany. Healthcare is managed by local governments, and healthcare coverage for employee retirees is an unfunded liability that is paid for out of each year’s operating budget.