Reader Mail: Squeeeeeeezing in New Parking

To the Editor:

I thought you would find this amusing. I have attached a  picture of one of the few newly created parking spots at the Mamaroneck Train Station.  Does anyone agree that at least spot #172 is a little too close to the crosswalk? I know parking is a problem in the Village but this space seems more of a hazard and won’t solve the overall problem. Judy Santarsiero


Senior Prank? Or Violation with Punishment?

A parent email came to theLoop early this morning, saying,”The senior class prank of parking in the teachers’ parking spaces has sent the staff and administration into a meltdown, threatening students and parents alike!”

Mayor: Mamaroneck Needs Twice the Parking

Who hasn’t raced out of a restaurant or other storefront on Mamaroneck Avenue only to see the ticket scooter zipping away, leaving a pink ticket on your windshield? You may actually be the lucky ones. At least you got a space. Mamaroneck Mayor Norm Rosenblum says the Village is experiencing a “marked surge” in demand for parking, keeping the meter readers busy and frustrated residents circling the block. He is concerned that the frustration at not finding parking may actually prevent visitors from returning during “peak” periods.