Biz Buzz: One2One in Mamaroneck

A fitness model that many people find beneficial: a one on one program with a trainer who can assess each individual’s physical and even nutritional needs.

Coming Up: One2One Bodyscapes Mamaroneck Open House Saturday

One2One Bodyscapes in Mamaroneck invites Loop readers to its Spring Open House, Saturday April 21st from 12-4 pm. Come visit their beautiful studio overlooking the water, and meet Sean, Laurie and the other skilled personal trainers there. There will be great food (from Andy’s Pure Foods) and learn from experts about golf, acupuncture and chiropractic medicine. Here’s the line up:

12:00pm – Nike Golf 360:  Exercise physiologist Bob Fanelli of Body By Design helps you enhance performance and improve your golf game at any skill level through applied functional science. 1:00pm – Nourishing Life, Promoting Health: Acupuncturist Kathy Casey of Touchstone Acupuncture discusses the real causes of insomnia, indigestion, headaches, and allergies.  Kathy will help educate us on roots of the symptoms and how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help.

One to One Fit Facts: Shoveling Snow

Snow Shoveling  is real exercise.  Treat it like it is.  Here are some tips to protect yourself…and your back! Warm up!  Go through some stretches or active warm-ups you are familiar with.  Incorporate a squat and some reaching exercises to get your hips and back loose. Your hips should dominate.  Don’t be lazy!  Bend your knees and get underneath each shovelful.  Your hamstrings, glutes, and back should all work together.  If your back hurts it means you didn’t recruit from the strong hip muscles. Draw your belly tight.  Right at the point where you need to lift the weight of the snow, pinch your inside stomach muscles tight (It will feel as if your stopping yourself from going to the bathroom).  This will help activate your natural weight belt and stabilize your hips and spine. Switch sides.  Just like you should with your exercise programs, make sure to change sides and angles repeatedly.  This will allow you to recruit from more muscles groups and ensure that one side does not get overworked.

Sponsor Story: Working Out One2One

Sure there are Gym Floor Super Stars, dutifully devoted to the careful crafting of their near-perfect (read: enviable?) arms, abs and all that other stuff. More of us, though, are fraught with a more ambivalent relationship with exercise, let alone with the bodies and minds physical activity is supposed to improve. At its best, exercise is great – we walk out feeling fit, strong and a little bit naturally high from the rush that comes with pushing ourselves. At worst, it hurts like hell, either by rekindling old aches – or setting new ones in motion – or looming large like another gnawing pain on the To Do List. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Sean Fitzpatrick,who owns and runs One2One BodyScapes training in Mamaroneck.