Mamaroneck Mayor Sues Board Over New Law

Two new laws would remove the Mayor’s power to appoint certain boards and officials, and give them instead to the Board of Trustees.

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Mamaroneck’s War Against Goose Poop

Mamaroneck Village is planning a geese cull this summer, to truck them away to be euthanized.

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November 8th Election Roundup

There are candidates for County Legislator, Mamaroneck Mayor and Mamaroneck Town Council.

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VOM Mayor Recovering from Heart Surgery

It’s hard to believe the man in the leather motorcycle jacket that turns up at every event in the Village of Mamaroneck  needed heart surgery, but Mayor Norman Rosenblum is reportedly doing well following a cardiac bypass  last week. “I’ve seen Norman the last few days and, well, he’s Norman,” Deputy Mayor Louis Santoro said at Monday night’s Board of Trustees meeting. “He’s doing well for himself and he looks good.”

Rosenblum, 68, is in “a great hospital” and getting “great care,” Santoro said. Rosenblum had the bypass surgery Thursday at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital to relieve blocked arteries that were discovered during a visit to his cardiologist. Subsequent tests showed the situation required immediate attention.

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