Echo Bay Closer to Development in New Rochelle

Forest City Residential has given the New Rochelle City Council revised plans for the Echo Bay waterfront. The new proposal, situated on roughly 11 acres bounded by East Main Street and Long Island Sound, envisions parkland, housing, and shops, environmental remediation of contaminated land,”and “full public access to the shoreline,” according to Mayor Noam Bramson. If the city decides to move ahead, the project could become New Rochelle’s largest new park in about 40 years, and the biggest development in the City in 20 years, he says. This new configuration is based on a year of analysis by both the City and the developer. It reflects greater experience with the constraints and opportunities on the site, and it also accounts for significant changes in the economic climate since the project’s original conception back in 2007.

First-Ever Sustainability Plan for New Rochelle

The New Rochelle City Council has voted to approve the community’s first sustainability plan, “GreeNR,” concluding a two-year process of research, analysis, and discussion that brought together residents and policy experts, and that also featured extensive public input. The plan is also the first of its kind to be created by a Westchester County community. GreeNR features practical recommendations for short-, medium-, and long-term action with forty-three specific initiatives. As described by Mayor Noam Bramson, the plan “addresses subjects as big as renewable energy and as small as supermarket tote bags, with lots in between…And it will help New Rochelle take advantage of a shift to green consumer preferences, lifestyles and job opportunities, instead of falling behind.” He added that the plan should help cut costs, not increase them.