What’s the Right Word for that thing that Happens on the Train?

Have you seen The New York Commuter’s Glossary? Or do you merely live it? It’s Loop contributor Mike Malone of trainjotting’s perfect pitch compendium of the words we wish we’d thought of:

Spatial Profiling- selecting one’s seat on the train based on the size of the person inhabiting the adjacent seat (p. 36),
HAT&T Trick  (pron. Hay tee and tee trick)- making 3 cellphone calls during one train ride (p.23)

I was a strange victim of Unfare (p.42) Sunday.

Tales from Metro North: Riding the ‘Stealth Car’

Metro North riders: Has this ever happened to you? You get on the train home to Mamaroneck or Pelham, or wherever, and discover you’re on the Express…to Stamford. (It’s definitely happened to me.)

Maybe next time you’ll get a conductor named Tom, who will make a “stealth stop” for you, like he did to Loop reader Irene:
We criticize Metro North so much I would love to see my happy story in theLoop;
I am a resident of Larchmont and was out in the city tonight. I missed my train and in my haste to get the next I got on the express to Stamford by mistake, and did not realize it until the conductor asked for my ticket and then told me I was on the wrong train (9:37 to Stamford express!! 1st stop Stamford!!) and next train back to Larchmont was not until 11 : 28ish?!

Metro North Engineer Suspended for Reading while Driving

In the aftermath of the expose showing a Metro north driver reading the paper while driving the train, it’s unlikely to happen again really soon. But have you ever seen this? A Metro-North veteran, identified as John Cooper, was suspended when he was caught on video reading the NY Post while helming a Harlem Line train barrelling through the Bronx yesteday. more from trainjotting.com

As the New York Post notes, he was reading the NY Post. As the Daily News sees it, the man was reading a “newspaper.”

Cooper was recorded by a passenger as he leafed through the tabloid at 8:30 in the morning.

Metro-North Platform Smoking Ban Starts Wednesday


Cold turkey commute. Don’t even think about lighting up while waiting for your Metro-North train. Doing so could get you kicked off the platform, up to $50 in fines or a trip to jail. The MTA’s new ban on outdoor smoking starts today, following a months-long grace period the agency gave smokers to get used to the idea. The ban, which had a soft launch in November, prohibits smoking on Metro-North and Long Island Railroad outdoor platforms, as well as ticketing and boarding areas.

More New Metro North Train Cars to Love – Hate

You may recall our conflicted feelings about the new M-8 rail cars on the Metro-North Red Line. Your chances of riding a cleaner, more comfortable | more sterile, computer-voice   train between Connecticut and Grand Central just increased. Metro-North and the State of Connecticut added more new cars to the New Haven Line. As of Monday, 78 new cars are operating on the line — enough to cover about 24% of regular weekday rides.  The new M-8 railcars will cover an even higher percent of weekend travelers.

Double Take: What the…?

Ad on Metro North. Can someone identify that body part? Submit your funny, ironic, weird, ridiculous, etc. local photo to our looppool on flickr, and we’ll post one at the end of most every weekday.

Metro-North Cuts Peak Trains 10%

The MTA is cutting Metro-North railroad New Haven line commuter trains by 10% to a “Reduced Winter Schedule” February 7 to March 4.  In addition, Saturday trains will run on a Sunday schedule, cutting those runs by about half, starting Feb. 5. On a notice left on train seats Thursday, MNR President Howard Permut writes about what commuters already know: “The extreme winter weather’s repeated pummeling of the region has had a devastating impact on our New Haven line….The situation is dire. on a daily basis, there are close to 150 (40%) cars out of service on the New Haven line.” It’s a PR nightmare following closely on the heels of  the open door video.