Tuesday Vote on Mamaroneck Schools Budget

Mamaroneck Schools budget, bond and Board of Trustees vote is Tuesday May 15 (7 am-9 pm)

Click here for the 2012-2013 Proposed Budget document and here to view the 2012-13 Budget & Bond Information section with more detailed information., including a fact sheet/overview on the Proposed Budget and Bond Referendum to be voted on by the community on Tuesday, May 15th at local elementary schools. Click here for an absentee ballot application, or you can obtain one at the District Clerk’s office.  Absentee ballots must be picked up in person by 4 pm on May 14.  

Photo: Jacqueline Silberbush

How Will Pension Reform Impact Schools?

At the same time some of you have begun commenting on the Mamaroneck School District’s impasse with the Teachers union, an editorial in Newsday claims Governor Cuomo’s Tier 6 pension reform dosen’t go far enough. It remains to be seen how this will impact teachers and schools in our area. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s hype machine went into overdrive late last week after the Legislature passed a scaled-back version of his Tier 6 pension reform plan. Cuomo said the result was “bold and transformational . .

Mamaroneck Schools and Teachers Union at Impasse; Mediator to be Appointed


Why do these emails always show up after school has closed on Friday afternoon? Parents in the Mamaroneck School District learned Friday afternoon that face to face negotiations between the School Board and the Mamaroneck Teachers’ Union are at an impasse, and will have to go before a State appointed mediator.  Like many unions in this country, a major sticking point appears to be with the establishment of a new Tier structure retirement plan. At least 18 retired District employees have pensions of over $100,000 a year, as we reported back in May. Here is the text of the email:
Dear Community Members,

As many of you are aware, the Board of Education and the Mamaroneck Teachers’ Association (“MTA”) have been engaged in collective bargaining for a new agreement for almost a year. The current agreement between the parties expired on June 30, 2011.

Central School, Mamaroneck, Builds Bridges

It can be hard for elementary school kids to fully understand what it’s like to live with a disability — let alone experience it themselves. But that’s what Central Elementary School children tried to do  through the Mamaroneck School District’s annual Building Bridges program. With the help of parent volunteers and guest speakers with different abilities, children in every classroom participated in demonstrations and activities to help them grasp the challenges and rewards that come to people with different abilities. A vision-impaired woman (with a very appealing guide dog), a gold medal-winning Paralympic athlete and a panel of Mamaroneck High kids who have successfully overcome learning disabilities were among the visitors. Younger students learned about sensory disabilities, like vision and hearing impairment.

school-child-with-head on book

Mamaroneck School Board Looks at ’11-12 Goals

Among the meeting highlights were performances by the combined Mamaroneck Avenue and Central schools’ fifth-grade chamber orchestra, demonstrations by two Hommocks Earth Science instructors on how i-Pads are being used in the classroom, and an outline of the district’s goals for the 2011-2012 school year.

Mamaroneck Schools Face Budget Challenges

The Mamaroneck School Board Meeting on Tuesday covered a broad array of topics.  Nancy Pierson offered a brief synopsis of the Community Engagement Meeting held on February 10.  One hundred thirty members of the community attended, including  Assemblyman George Latimer. Dr. Robert I. Shaps, Superintendent of Mamaroneck Public Schools, presented the 2011-12 budget using numbers analogous to the current budget to illustrate a gap of over 4 million dollars. This is above the 2.2% increase permitted under the tax cap, and state mandated increases such as a 14% increase in healthcare and contractually mandated salary increases. Ms. Pierson said that during small group discussions, the community expressed the desire to maintain ” the lowest possible tax rate achievable through efficiency,”  while maintaining a commitment to academic excellence.  Additional community priorities were to develop a multi-year budget outlook, to maintain learning opportunities and support for all students, to work with unions to develop sustainable contracts, and to maintain budget transparency and efficiency. Superintendent Shaps updated community members on the search for a Mamaroneck High School Principal.  Since the search committee has not found a qualified and exceptional candidate,  he said, ” we will be posting the position internally in the district.”