How ‘theLoop’ Works: A Guide

theLoop posts local content all day on a schedule you can rely on (more or less)

Our new “blog” format makes it easy for you to scroll down to catch up with what you may have missed. Our morning e-mail blast sums it up for you each day in one email. Here’s how we roll every weekday:
7:00 am –  News
8:00 am –  News
9:00 am – Coming Up: a future event you might want to know about
10:00 am –  Cool Finds
(11:00 am- our opt-in newsletter)
12:00 pm – House of the Day from theLoop Real Estate Marketplace
2:00 pm – Real Estate and Architecture
Tuesday:     Our Towns;
Thursday:   Building of the Week;
Friday:        The Way We Were
3:00 pm – Police blotter,  Reader mail, Food, etc. 4:00 pm –
Monday/Thursday:  Locals: Profiles of interesting locals
Tues./Wed./Fri.:  Art, Sports, something new

5:00 pm – Pet Project

6:00 pm – Closing photo, sometimes a Double Take

All subject to breaking news, adjustment and whim.  

photo: June Marie Sobrito