Coming Up: Larchmont Historical House Tour May 21

Take a leisurely stroll through Larchmont Manor as you get a behind the scenes look at five magnificent century-old houses.

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Coming Up: Historic High Tea in Larchmont – Dec. 11

The Larchmont Historical Society is creating living history again this weekend.

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Coming Up: Get in the Kitchen with LHS! June 2

This year’s Larchmont Historical Society’s House Tour answers the question on everyone’s mind…”What are we eating next? and where?

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Coming Up: LHS Honors Luminaries April 14

Join the celebration, as LHS honors Walter Kerr and David Carlyon for their contributions to the arts.

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Coming Up: The Fight for Women’s Rights, Mar. 10

How are Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and their fierce fight for woman’s rights relevant today?

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Coming Up: Valentines and Expressions of Love

This collection of Valentines her collection is now regarded as among the finest in the world.

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(Another) Day in the Life of Larchmont


A Day in the Life of Larchmont, the exhibit capturing 24 hours of October 20, 2011 in photographs is now on view at Larchmont Art. Over 300 photos were submitted to the Larchmont Historical Society, whose Archivist, Lynne Crowley, curated the exhibit. About 180 were chosen, depicting everything from shoe repair to children frolicking, restaurant scenes and beloved animals. Liana Colella, owner of the gallery for 26 years with her husband, says, “Having the photographs all grouped together like this is very dramatic.”  Some of Liana’s own photos were also chosen as part of the exhibit. Those that did not fit into this exhibit will be rotated in.

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An Exhibit in the Life of Larchmont

A Day in the Life of Larchmont captures the 24 hours of October 20, 2011 in photographs, which were exhibited Sunday at the Hampshire Club in Mamaroneck. Over 300 photos were submitted to the Larchmont Historical Society. About 180 were chosen, depicting everything from shoe repair to children frolicking, restaurant scenes and animals. The idea first came to Lynne Crowley 20 years ago as a way to celebrate the Village Centennial, when the first “Day in the Life” was held. Now the archivist for LHS, Lynne organized this exhibit too.

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Coming Up: A Day in the Life of Larchmont

On October 20th, 50 photographers, some professionals, most not, fanned out across the Village to document “A Day in the Life of Larchmont,” a project of the Larchmont Historical Society. From hundreds of images submitted over those 24 hours, just an ordinary day, the LHS created a collection that will open with a reception Sunday, February 12th, from 3-6pm at the Hampshire Country Club, 1025 Cove Road, Mamaroneck. Two Loop photographers will be among those whose work will be displayed. Here’s a teaser:

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The Way We Were: 25 mph

Over at the Larchmont Historical Society Archives, historian Lynne Crowley keeps this photo (among many thousands, a significant number now available digitally) of the Boston Post Road around the 1940’s, judging by the cars. Imagine her surprise when one day recently, a gentleman walked into her office in the Mamaroneck Town Center, with the sign that’s in the photo. “This has to be it,” says Crowley. “Or one exactly like it.” She plans to have it mounted on the wall, but she’ll need help.

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Holiday House Tour

Sunday, December 11th, from 4:00-6:00 pm, please join the Larchmont Historical Society for a festive evening celebrating 100 years of holidays at 126 Hickory Grove Drive East.

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Uncovering Your Home’s History- Nov. 6

Join LHS for a panel discussion with the experts as they offer advice on how to restore your home and highlight its best features

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A Day in the Life. Will you be part of it?

Twenty years ago, in the spring of 1991, Larchmont resident Lynne Crowley organized the “A Day in the Life of Larchmont” photo exhibit to mark the centennial of the Village of Larchmont. Now Lynne is the archivist of the Larchmont Historical Society. And the time has come again.

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LHS Sunday: Celebrating ‘Larchmont Park’

The Larchmont Historical Society’s annual House Tour has become an eagerly anticipated Rite of Spring.

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March Events: NYT Columnist, Furniture Drive, a Judge and a Sculpture

“An Evening for Understanding”  featuring  Nicholas Kristof  NY Times Columnist and two-time Pulitzer Prize Award Recipient  for Journalism , Combating Poverty and Global Health Issues:  The Impact of Youth Involvement and Community Activism  Monday, March 14th at 7:00 PM   Mamaroneck High School, McLain Auditorium

Suggested Donation: $10.00 for adults   $3.00  for students

Nicholas Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn co-authored “Half the  Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide” and   “China Wakes and Thunder from the East”

* An update about the work of Kids for World Health and its actions

* An exhibit on KFWH’s four target neglected diseases including   Buruli Ulcer, Chagas, Leishmaniasis, and Trypanosomiasis

All donations will be used for our current project to provide much needed equipment to

Lwala Hospital in Uganda, home of our fourth KFWH Pediatric Clinic  Kids for World Health is a grass roots not-for-profit organization founded  by students in the Mamaroneck/Larchmont School District in the year 2001.  

Saturday, March 19, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., students from Mamaroneck High School’s Furniture Sharehouse service club  will hold a furniture drive to benefit Furniture Sharehouse, Westchester’s Furniture Bank.  They will be collecting gently-used furniture for redistribution, free of charge, to needy families.   The Drive will take place in the parking lot at Mamaroneck High School, 1000 W. Boston Post Road, rain or shine. Only basic home furniture in good condition will be accepted, so before you load up your car, go to to make sure your furniture is acceptable for donation.  Furniture Sharehouse was founded and is supported as a Community Project by The Junior League of Westchester on the Sound.  Furniture Sharehouse – helping you “recycle with a difference”!  For more info, contact Leslie Garwood,, 914-315-1982


Judith S. Kaye, former Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals, will be guest speaker at the annual Spring Luncheon of the League of Women Voters at noon Friday, March 25, 2011 at the Davenport Club, 400 Davenport Ave, New Rochelle. Her topic is the status of women and children. Please make reservations with a check for $45 to LWV Larchmont-Mamaroneck, PO Box 811, Larchmont, N.Y 10538.

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This Weekend: What’s This House Worth?

We know it’s got to be at least two bucks.

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