Report Shows Cost-Effective Energy After Westchester’s Indian Point Shuts Down

The lower cost of wind and solar power and many of the clean energy projects started by the Governor in recent years are enabling factors for success.

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Indian Point Nuclear Reactors to Close by 2021

Two remaining nuclear reactors at Indian Point will be closed down– one by April 2020 and the second by April 2021

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Indian Point Update: Critical Bolts Damaged and Missing

Inspection shows 25% of the bolts keeping the inner walls of the reactor core from coming apart–were either missing or seriously degraded

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High Levels of Radioactivity at Westchester’s Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Andrew M. Cuomo ordered an investigation of recent “alarmingly high” levels of radioactive tritium-contaminated groundwater found at the Indian Point nuclear plant

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Public Outcry Over Pipeline Near Indian Point

Opponents of the Spectra proposal argue that the siting of this massive pipeline within 105 feet from vital structures at the aging Indian Point nuclear facility poses a dire threat to 20 million people

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Indian Point Must Submit Hazard Plan: NRC

The NRC wants rigorous seismic hazard analysis plan by December 31

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State Orders New Energy Plan In Case Indian Point Shuts Down

Having experienced the devastating impacts of widespread power losses from Hurricane Sandy, the PSC’s order seems doubly warranted.

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Indian Point to Increase Monitoring of River

Entergy Nuclear, owner of Indian Point, has agreed to increase monitoring of the Hudson River and groundwater near the plant for radioactive leaks and to post this data online.

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Should Indian Point Close? Public Hearings in Tarrytown

Three judges will hear expert testimony this week on whether to renew Indian Point’s operating license for another 20 years.

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Should Indian Point Evacuation Zone Include Lower Westchester?


Westchester legislators are pushing to extend the 10-mile evacuation zone around Indian Point, located in Buchanan, to 50 miles, reports LoHud. If the zone were expanded to 50 miles it would stretch from New York City north past Poughkeepsie. Westchester County Emergency Services Commissioner Anthony Sutton said he’s worried by the government’s use of the 50-mile zone in Japan, but still believes 10 miles is safe. Legislator Michael Kaplowitz, D-Somers, and Martin Rogowsky, D-Harrison, said they think the zone should be expanded based on findings that high radiation levels were measured 25 miles from the Fukushima plant in Japan. Indian Point spokesman Jerry Nappi said it’s too soon to consider expanding the zone.

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New Report: Indian Point Should Close

A report commissioned by the NRDC and Riverkeeper released Monday says the Indian Point Energy Center should be closed, despite pressure to keep it open.

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Nuclear Energy: Rewards or Risks?

“Approach nuclear energy with respect not fear,” Dr. Neer Asherie, physicist at Yeshiva University, told attendees at a forum hosted by the Local Summit, May 17th at the Nautilus Diner in Mamaroneck. He said that nuclear energy offers both risks and rewards. A respectful, rational approach can help in sorting them out. Broadly speaking, he said, the main nuclear benefits are clean energy, no greenhouse gases, and self-sufficiency from unfriendly foreign energy suppliers. The main risk, evident from the recent Fukashima Daiichi earthquake/tsunami tragedy, is explosion and radiation.

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NRC Says Indian Point Has Safety Gaps

After the nuclear disaster struck Japan in March, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission ( NRC) ordered special inspections of commercial reactors across the nation, including Indian Point, to make sure they would be prepared for emergencies caused by a combination of fires, floods, or earthquakes. On Friday, May 13, a report detailing the findings of the special inspections was released by the NRC. It showed that Indian Point has several specific safety gaps. The Journal News evaluated the NRC report on Indian Point’s emergency systems, citing the following safety gaps:

At Indian Point 2, hydrogen containment devices, which are supposed to be tested every other year, haven’t been tested for five years. Fire protection equipment in locations that are not “seismically designed,” or protected from a quake.

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Special Report: Indian Point and “Undue Risk”?

Like the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex in Japan, scientists say that at Indian Point, and other plants, spent fuel is stored in poorly protected, poorly defended locations. This means “elevated and undue risk.”

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Gov. Cuomo Gets Pledge to Review Indian Point

Two top members of Governor Cuomo’s met with senior staff at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) this week about Indian Point.

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