Parking Lot Mishap: Or was it a Highway?

We’ve heard of highways feeling like parking lots at rush hour, but a parking lot is now a highway? When Margaret Groninger, a Mamaroneck High School teacher, slipped and fell on the ice in the municipal parking lot in Mamaroneck, she wanted to sue. But the New York State Court of Appeals said no Thursday, ruling in favor of the Village, because that lot “serves the functional purpose of a highway.” The Village says it “did not receive prior notice about the defect,” nor caused the ice, and therefore cannot be sued. Groninger tells theLoop, ” I have never sued anyone/thing before and was really queasy about this suit–that parking lot was impassable that day and my ankle injury –requiring pins and plates has definitely altered the way I do things.  It was(my son’s, then 3 yrs old, now 9) first and, I hope, only ambulance ride!

Ice, Ice Baby

Schools and many businesses closed Wednesday. Metro-North was creeping, cabin fever raged and we’re still hoping for the best as the area remains in an ice lock-down . Says Con Ed’s Chris Olert, “The issue is not ice alone. The issue is if we get high winds,”  as he warned over 300,000 Westchester customers of potential power outages. Debbie Manetta at the Mamaroneck School District says, “This is the third snow day (this year.) At this point in time, we remain optimistic that we’ll stay within our allotted four calendar snow days” and not have to use scheduled vacation days for school.


A nasty, bone-chilling mix of ice and rain on top of melt-and-freeze-again snow has closed school in Rye today, delayed opening in Mamaroneck, Rye Neck and Scarsdale, and generally messed with all of us. Later, just rain. More information here. Be careful out there!