Police Blotter

Lots of cash, vandalized cars and that’s a lot of Prilosec.

Police Blotter

A rash of burglaries in Mamaroneck Village, Fraud in the Town, and a Police raid in Larchmont

Police Have Possible Suspect in Armed Robberies

Pelham police may have a suspect in the recent armed robberies that have taken place in Pelham, Larchmont, Mamaroneck and Harrison during the last month, according to published reports. Kyle Taylor, 23 of New Rochelle and Mt. Vernon was arrested by Pelham police Feb. 15 following a traffic stop at Lincoln Ave. and Second Avenue.

Rye Building Super Charged with Bestiality, Burglary

Last week, Rye Police told us of a burglary at at 47C Peck Avenue at the Rye Colony Coop apartment complex, where the apartment was burglarized with no forced entry, and the superintendent was charged. Now the District Attorney’s office tells us there are sexual misconduct charges referencing bestiality. It is unknown what kind of animal was involved.  A Judge in Rye has issued a gag order and no documents are to be made public. The super, Kujitim Nicaj, who resides at 58C Peck Avenue, was reportedly given notice to vacate the property. He is due to appear in Rye City Court March 6.

Town of Mamaroneck Police Blotter: Sticky Fingers

Two big hauls this week by thieves in the Town of Mamaroneck: At the CVS on the Boston Post Road, police report a Grand Larceny on February 7. At 4:20 pm, three men stole 12 types of Kerastase hair products, with a value of over $2000.00. On Birch Road, another reminder why it’s so important to lock your doors. Between 1:00 am and 7:00 am on Feb. 9,  someone stole a Mac desktop, Mac lap top, Panasonic 100A dux camera, a Nikon 5000 camera and $1,000 in cash.

What Do We Do for the Next 9 Days?

If you’re sticking around, there’s plenty to do. Here are some suggestions from the Journal News to do with kids, and as always, watch our Coming Up column.   If you’re leaving for the break, listen up:  In light of a marked increase in local break-ins, police say prep the house to make it look like you’re not away. Speaking at a crime prevention workshop last week, Town of Mamaroneck police urged residents to create a “vacation plan” that includes steps like putting house lights on timers and stopping mail and newspapers. Alerting neighbors to your departure is another wise move, they said.

Worker Admits Stealing $163,582 in Yonkers Overdue Library Fines

The Westchester County DA today announced a guilty plea by a woman in one of the stranger, and frankly, sadder, non-violent crimes in a long time around here. Margo Reed, a former employee of the Yonkers Public Library at 1 Larkin Center, is accused of pocketing overdue book fines from library patrons to the tune of $163,582 from 2004-2007. That’s a lot of change. Said District Attorney Janet DiFiore, “With the limited resources and tight budgets that exist today throughout government, this kind of crime directly impacts children, students, the elderly and anyone who looks to the public library system as a place of knowledge and enjoyment.” Sentencing will be May 3rd, 2012. Top photo: Wikimedia commons; bottom photo: Westchester District Attorney’s Office

Mamaroneck Town Talks Crime Prevention

A lot of crime prevention comes down to common sense. It’s safer to walk in groups then alone. A home alarm that rings inside and out is a better deterrent then the quieter kinds that don’t offend the neighbors. And don’t bother hiding keys under those fake rocks and other gadgets you see in ads. “The bad guys watch TV too,” said Mamaroneck Town Police Det.

Coming Up: Preventing Crime in Larchmont and Mamaroneck

As continued follow-up to residents’ concerns over a recent robbery and a burglary in the Town of Mamaroneck, the Town and the Larchmont Gardens Civic Association will sponsor a Crime Prevention Workshop. All are welcome to join the discussion February 8 at the VFW/Senior Center, 1288 Boston Post Road in Larchmont. At a Town Board meeting Wednesday night, residents voiced concern and expressed the desire to meet with police leaders. Representatives of the Town’s Police Department,  Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson and Town Administrator Steve Altieri will be available to answer questions.  For more information please contact Supervisor Nancy Seligson’s office at 914. 381-7805.

Recent Crime in Town of Mamaroneck Brings Residents Before Board

Following  the the night time robbery of a man as he walked home from the train station and a burglary last week in Larchmont, Town of Mamaroneck residents are asking area leaders to beef up police presence. At a Town Board meeting Wednesday night, residents voiced concern and expressed the desire to meet with police leaders. They also asked officials to consider measures such as installing security cameras in public places and making them available to residents at discounted prices. Board members said the Town Police Department is in the process of organizing a public safety demonstration that will be held for the public as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, residents should take simple precautions such as locking their homes and cars, Board members said.

Scarsdale Undercover

In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unnecessary police activity that seems to occur in Scarsdale, New York. Police were called because… A Burgess Road resident reported two men standing on the curb staring at his home. One of the men was the resident’s neighbor who had come outside to smoke a cigar. Jan.

Town of Mamaroneck Blotter: Two Baby Jesuses and a lot of Pot

Petit Larceny: Someone stole a plastic light up baby Jesus valued at $100 and display signs valued at $25 belonging to the Knights of Columbus from Palmer Road between Jan. 1st and Jan. 3rd. Criminal: In Hommocks school two males aged 20 and 19 were caught with criminal possession of Marijuana in the fourth degree at 10:30pm.  A scale and 500 ziplock baggies were found on the males in addition to marijuana residue, a dutch master, a lighter, 58.5 grams of marijuana, and 15.5 grams of marijuana found in a backpack. Jan.4 Criminal: A female, now wanted, used a forged prescription at CVS pharmacy on Boston Post Road at 6:30pm.

Police Blotter

Residential burglaries in Larchmont and Local Police reports for the last week: Car windows broken, bikes stolen.

Police Blotter

Robbers took everything from $3,500 worth of property to $10 from Larchmont homes during Thanksgiving week.

Police Blotter

This week’s police blotter listed five arrests in the Village of Mamaroneck.

Police Blotter

GPSs, mobile devices and car parts are car parts are big hits with thieves this week

Police Blotter

The CVS on Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck is out $2,000 worth of haircare products…