Looking Back: No Power in Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle for Almost 2 Weeks

A look back at ten days of flashlights, bottled water and infuriating bureaucracy

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State Orders New Energy Plan In Case Indian Point Shuts Down

Having experienced the devastating impacts of widespread power losses from Hurricane Sandy, the PSC’s order seems doubly warranted.

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Power Watch: Day 13

Almost two weeks since Hurricane Sandy stormed through the area, some towns and villages are close to almost normal power conditions.

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Power Watch: Day 11

Who still needs power after 13 days

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Storm Update: Who’s Out, Where’s Gas, What’s Coming

Who’s on and what’s out, some helpful tips and a little perspective.

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Got the Power?

It’s been six days since the freak October storm, and hundreds of Con Edison customers in Westchester County are still waiting for electricity.

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Ice, Ice Baby

Schools and many businesses closed Wednesday. Metro-North was creeping, cabin fever raged and we’re still hoping for the best as the area remains in an ice lock-down . Says Con Ed’s Chris Olert, “The issue is not ice alone. The issue is if we get high winds,”  as he warned over 300,000 Westchester customers of potential power outages. Debbie Manetta at the Mamaroneck School District says, “This is the third snow day (this year.) At this point in time, we remain optimistic that we’ll stay within our allotted four calendar snow days” and not have to use scheduled vacation days for school.

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