Down to Business: Mamaroneck Chamber Honors Outgoing President

There is something about that main drag in Mamaroneck that continues to draw new business and sustain generations of older ones.  It’s a restaurant mecca with a small town vibe.  A nighttime bar scene co-exists with small upholstery shops and bodegas.  And this is due in no small part to a local Chamber of Commerce on steroids. Last weekend, the Mamaroneck Chamber of Commerce honored outgoing President Jennifer Graziano, and welcomed new President Steve Josephson at a dinner-dance at the Beach Point Club. “Our community has the least amount of vacant retail space in the area,” says Graziano, who with her father Vince, runs the Coxe and Graziano Funeral Home.  “We go door to door and speak to business owners and find out exactly what they need from us.”  And that has included events such as the Wine Trail and Harbor Fest in spring, and Mamaroneck Shares in the summer. “People saw the results of what we were doing, and we’re still feeding off the positive energy.” When she started the job two years ago, there were about 60 paid members at the Chamber.