Westchester Offering Affordable Housing

All priced from: $125,000 to $300,000 with minimum household sizes of 2 persons for 2 BR, and 3 persons for 3 BR..

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Parker Asks Westchester to Address Hate Incidents

Parker says the County has failed to respond to her request for an email address or short form email report on the County for those that need to report an incident.

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Parker Wins in Primary

Rye City Councilwoman Catherine Parker won in the Democratic Primary Tuesday for the Westchester County Board of Legislators

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Democratic Primary Offers County Leg Race

The significant primary race for the Southern County Tuesday is that for the Democrats running for the District 7 Westchester County Legislature seat held by Judy Myers for two terms.

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Rumorville: Judy Myers Not to Run Again

Westchester Legislator Judy Myers will soon announce she does not plan to run again in November

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Politics on Rye

Rye is one of the only cities in the County where being a Democrat is not an automatic shoe-in. Three democrats hope to remain on or join the City Council.

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