Police Blotter

Lots of cash, vandalized cars and that’s a lot of Prilosec.

In the Larchmont Police Blotter: Hitting a cab (with His Fist)

The following complaints were recorded by Larchmont police during the last week:

Larceny: On Iselin Terrice someone entered a vehicle that was left parked and unlocked in the victim’s driveway, removing property valued at $500. Feb.4. Penal Law Arrest: A man from New Rochelle was arrested after a altercation with a cab driver and hitting the cab causing damage. The 23 year old man was released on bail. Feb.5

Penal Law Arrest: In Los Angeles, a woman was arrested based on a Warrant of Arrest filed by Larchmont Police Detectives after an investigation of a Grand Larceny at Citibank on Palmer Avenue on Feb.

Police Blotter

The CVS on Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck is out $2,000 worth of haircare products…

Police Blotter

Some serious crime this week, with burglars breaking their Mamaroneck Village victim’s leg and $39,000 worth of stuff stolen from a home in the Mamaroneck Town.

Police Blotter

Crime of the week: A Meadow Road, Scarsdale resident made a walk-in complaint that over the course of the last 30 years, several items had been stolen from her home.

Police Blotter

Covering this week’s police blotters from Larchmont, the Mamaronecks, Rye and Scarsdale.

Police Blotter

This week’s blotters from Larchmont, the Mamaronecks, Rye and Scarsdale.

Police Blotter

Thieves are stealing stuff from cars, smoking marijuana and tossing water balloons out windows in Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale and Rye

Police Blotter

It Must Be the Heat: This week’s police blotters from the Mamaronecks, Larchmont, Rye and Scarsdale.

Police Blotter

It must be the heat: This week’s blotter from the Mamaronecks, Larchmont, Rye and Scarsdale.

Police Blotter

A High Street resident was arrested for possession of marijuana. Hmm. This week’s police blotter from the Mamaronecks, Larchmont, Rye and Scarsdale.

Police Blotter

A big haul at CVS. This week’s police blotter from the Mamaronecks, Larchmont, Rye and Scarsdale. VILLAGE OF LARCHMONT

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Center Avenue resident reported that someone took a tall iron gate at the front of his home off its hinges causing undetermined damages. June 12

LARCENY: A Woodbine Avenue resident reported that someone successfully opened a credit card account in her name and posted charges in excess of $8000. June 12

LARCENY: A New Rochelle man reported that someone stole his electric powered moped, valued at $800, after he left it on North Avenue for a period of twenty minutes.

Police Blotter

Watch your belongings….

This week’s police blotter from the Mamaronecks, Larchmont, Rye and Scarsdale.

Police Blotter

It must be the heat…

This week’s police blotter from the Mamaronecks, Larchmont, Rye and Scarsdale.

Police Blotter

75 year old Larchmont woman muscles a cop, Rye woman accused of affair, and mailbox stolen. Just another week in the ‘burbs.

Police Blotter

CRIME OF THE WEEK – Tough ‘Love’: Someone broke into two cars, stealing purses from both of them, at different Scarsdale tennis courts on May 6. One car was parked in the Wayside Tennis Court lot; the other on the Crossway Tennis Court lot.

Police Blotter

Plaza Bootery lives on, in a way…then there’s hitting, running and hit and runs.

Police Blotter 4.6.11

CRIME OF THE WEEK – A man reportedly stole $100 in donations for candles from two cash boxes at St. Augustine’s Church in Larchmont. March 27


DWI ARREST: Police arrested a New Rochelle man for driving while impaired by drugs, and marijuana possession after receiving a report of a man slumped over the wheel of his car on Palmer Avenue. March 27

BURGLARY: A Boston Post Road business owner reported that sometime overnight someone opened the cash register and stole $130. March 29

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF/LEAVING SCENE: A Woodbine Avenue resident reported that he saw an unknown driver strike his stone wall, causing $1500 in damage.

Police Blotter: 03.22-03.28

CRIME OF THE WEEK –: A Palmer Avenue business owner in Larchmont reported the computer repair person who took a computer for maintenance never returned the machine, worth about $770. March 25


DWI ARREST: A White Plains woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident after being involved in a car accident during the late evening on Boston Post Road. She was released on $500 bail. March 22

LARCENY: A bicycle worth about $125 was taken sometime over a period of three days from the bicycle rack in parking lot 1. March 23

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: The rear window of a car parked in a resident’s driveway overnight was smashed, causing about $500 worth of damage.

Police Blotter 3.23.11

Crime of the Week: Cover Up, Buddy! A highly intoxicated 20-year-old man was found walking naked on Forest Avenue in Rye. He wore nothing but a belt of yellow police tape around his waist. March 19. VILLAGE OF MAMARONECK

BURGLARY: A Stuart Avenue resident reported that a burglar stole jewelry from the house sometime between 8:30 and 9:45 p.m. Police found no signs of forced entry, nor was anyone home at the time of the supposed incident.

Police Blotter 3.16.11

CRIME OF THE WEEK — NEW RO RIOT: Seven people were arrested following a riot outside of the Club Tropicana on North Avenue in New Rochelle that left three police officers injured. Charges against the individuals involved in the 1:30 a.m. melee include riot in the first degree, assault, obstruction of government administration and disorderly conduct. March 12. VILLAGE OF LARCHMONT

LARCENY: Employees of CVS on Chatsworth Avenue reported that a female suspect entered the establishment and removed merchandise valued at $50. March 5.

Police Blotter

Police Blotter for the week ending 2/25/10 in Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye and Scarsdale

Scarsdale Undercover: 2/14 – 2/22

In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unusual…police activity that seems to occur only in Scarsdale, New York.  

The “real” crimes will continue to appear in our weekly Police Blotter. DRUG DROP

A local homeowner on Feb. 14 reported a gray minivan parked outside his home with its hazard lights on and unknown person ringing his doorbell several times.  Upon investigation, police found a pharmacy delivery dropped off at the front door. PIT STOP

A Brookby Road resident on Feb.15 reported a neighborhood dog using her lawn as a bathroom.  When police tried to investigate the complaint further, the caller said she just wanted the incident on the record. NOSY NEIGHBOR?

Police Blotter: Tires in Mam’k, Cars in Scarsdale

CRIME OF THE WEEK: A Match.com user, a Lee Road, Scarsdale,  resident, reported that he had been receiving harassing telephone calls, e-mails and other communication. The man met a woman on Match.com and he claims she  is in continual unwanted contact via phone calls and e-mail. The case is still under further investigation. Feb. 12


DUI: A 31 year-old man was arrested on a DUI charge.

Police Blotter 2.9.11

Crime of the Week: A Harbor Island resident reported his snow blower had been taken by an unknown person. The item was worth approximately $700. Investigation of the incident continues. Feb. 7


VEHICLE & TRAFFIC LAW ARREST: A Bronx man was arrested and charged with operating with a suspended license after he was observed operating his vehicle on Palmer and committing a traffic infraction.