Final Reminder: Deadline to Grieve Your Assessment is Today


MAMARONECK– If you think your assessment (and therefore your taxes) is too high, the deadline for filing a grievance is June 19th in most municipalities throughout Westchester, according to the Mamaroneck Town Assessors Office. If one misses June 19th then the next time to file is June 2013. “For Mamaroneck residents it is an important year to file this year as the reassessment is next year,” says  Caryn Luntz, a real estate consultant who specializes in property tax reduction. “By filing this year, residents would get one year’s reduced taxes (if they are overassessed) and also an idea of what the value of their home is,” Luntz says. For more information, contact Caryn at

Here is where you can find the right person to contact in your village or town.