Coming Up: Arts at Anderson Street, New Rochelle- July 23

Downtown New Rochelle’s summer Resident Artists will hold their July Open Studio event Saturday, July 23, at Arts at 5 Anderson

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Spotlight On Art: Michael Defeo

The animated feature film characters of the Ice Age series, Despicable Me and Robots among others were sculpted by the Westchester resident artist Michael Defeo. Head of the sculpting department of Blue Sky Studios in Greenwich until last year, and now a top “Character Development” freelance artist, Michael Defeo has been behind-the-scenes of such famed movies as the Ice Age series and Despicable Me, as well as Horton Hears a Who, Star Trek Insurrection and Alien Resurrection. He is also responsible for the 3D characters of the much-anticipated Blue Sky Studios’ new animated feature Rio, opening in April. Complementing his very successful commercial work, Michael creates his own art.  In his loft apartment in the Lifesavers building in Port Chester, Michael sculpts for himself, because he has fun doing it, he says. Using mostly Epoxy resin and marble, the sculptures are very loose expressions of his emotions.  To the hard strong piece, he adds fabric in a very arbitrary manner, and then paints it with iridescent color.  The result is a cross between Giacometti, Dali and Dr. Seuss… fantastic, original and new…

Born in the 60’s, long before the digital era, Michael always knew he wanted to be a sculptor.   As a child, fascinated by the Frankenstein movies, he would build his own puppets, creatures and monsters from all kinds of materials.  After High School, he spent six pivotal months at the Tyler school of Art in Philadelphia.  There, he discovered a passion for Gothic Architecture, Van Gogh and specially Giacometti’s sculptures.

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