Table for One?


As a single, divorced man, I often dine alone.

not Larry

I work on Mamaroneck Avenue. My usual scenario is to grab some take-out and come back to the office to eat in front of the computer (I spend quite a lot of time on the dating web sites. But I’ll save that for my next article). There’s something about sitting alone at a table for two that feels, you know, alone.

So in an effort to hide the evidence,  I like to sit at the bar, particularly at Toyo Sushi, near my office.  Now as people walk past, I’m just the back of a head. But the question as I prepare to take to my solitary dining is, what do I do while I eat?  An iPod screams, “Leave me alone!” Do it sit and stare off into space?  Bring a book?  Browsing the internet on my  iPhone is a good alternative.

There is even a how-to wiki on eating alone online.

We live in a world where togetherness has cache, especially here in the ‘burbs.  Walking into a restaurant filled with families and couples and nodding “yes” to the question, “table for one?” can be hard.

Single? Dining alone? Like sushi? I’ll be at the bar.

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One thought on “Table for One?

  1. Book, definitely (makes you look intellectual, yet more approachable than someone with an iPad) — or, for a more pathetic effect, may I suggest one of the fine free publications available in the many kiosks along our local streets. [–From someone who often dines alone reading, by choice :)]

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