SUNY Purchase on Reality TV


How’s this for a teaser:

September 8, 1999. In the wake of Columbine, the death of Matthew Shepard and the Lewinsky scandal and on the heels of O.J., McVeigh and the Gulf War, six juniors at an elite performing arts college in Westchester County, New York struggle to survive in the face of a never-ending battle with sex, drugs, dating, loneliness and regret. The RAs is the story of a generation – one that predates Facebook, a generation of beepers and chat rooms, when life was simpler but no less complicated and September 11 was just another day.

That liberal arts college was SUNY Purchase, where previews of The RAs (Resident Advisors in dorms) were held last week. The show, in webisodes, to which you can subscribe in YouTube Studio, premieres September 8.

Watch the trailer:

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