Spotlight on Cuba’s Health Care for Women


Sisters visit one of Havana's free, preventative healthcare clinics

Frances H. Snedeker, a lifelong champion of women’s well being, will share her observations on Cuba’s remarkable health care system made during a recent 10-day study tour of the island in a talk at the Larchmont Woman’s Club on November 4.   Universal prenatal care, safe available abortion and access to modern contraceptives have transformed the lives of women throughout Cuba.

Snedeker, a Peace Corps volunteer and staffer for six years, has worked in tattered school houses, backwater urban housing projects, jailhouse assembly rooms and church halls around the world helping women acquire the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. For over 35 years she has been a volunteer or staffer for a variety of national and regional nonprofit agencies. She currently produces and moderates LMC-TV’s “Future Choices,” an educational series about reproductive health care.

The public is invited at no charge to the program at the Larchmont Avenue Church, 60 Forest Park Ave. at 1:00 p.m.  Refreshments. More information at 834-4728 or visit




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