SOS: Where’s Squibby?


Squibby has always been a bit of a handful, cruising his neighborhood on Kilmer Road in Larchmont on his own terms. A true tomcat, that boy is.

But Squibby also is a homebody, who loves to hang out with his family and enjoy the warmth (and food!) he gets at home.

So it’s odd that Squibby has not been home in nearly a week — and his owners are worried about his whereabouts. He’s a friendly enough guy that he could have been mistakenly adopted by a caring cat lover.  His family desperately wants to know. Any information is welcome; they are offering a reward for Squibby’s return.

Have you seen him? If so, please call Andrea O’Rourke at 316-0051. We hope Squibby makes it home very, very soon.

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