Snow Piles Could Cost You


The wacky winter we’ve had so far has tested our snow-disposal protocol in ways we never imagined, as piles of the white stuff have continually mounted.

In turn, the Village of Mamaroneck is considering putting another official snow regulation on the books – one that would fine people for shoveling or blowing snow into the streets, which could hinder the safe travels of emergency vehicles.

As Village Administrator Richard Slingerland explains: “While it is one thing to have an occasional shovel of snow thrown into the street, we had 4 to 5-foot high piles of snow plowed into and left in the middle of the street, and streets that had been plowed and salted clean down to the blacktop had been covered back up with snow-blown snow to the depth of 8″ to 12”.  This would make streets impassable to police, fire, ambulance and other emergency utility vehicles.”

Village officials also are considering an addition to the current law requiring folks to clean snow off their sidewalks or face fines up to $250, which would impact residents of high-traffic areas, such as downtown or near apartment buildings, Slingerland says. Under such a provision, the village would be authorized to clean the snow and ice in those areas – and send the bill to the property owner or tenant.

“The concept is that people may not be available to take care of such work, or may be temporarily indisposed,” he says.  “If the bill is not paid within a certain amount of time, such as 30 days, then other the laws in some other communities allow municipalities to pass it along as an additional lien and charge on the tax bill.”

Neither law has yet to be drafted.

Here’s what the Associated Press wrote on the issue.

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