Snow Day a Go-Go


So now what?
Any enthusiasm any of us had for the novelty and fun of snow, is starting to wane.

One weatherman said we have already had more snow this year than all of last year. And its not even the middle of January. (But another stat shows over 80% of newscasters are inaccurate.)

How many more local news reports showing people stocking up on salt/milk/toilet paper must we endure?

The third “snow event” since the day after Christmas was met with Snow Emergencies in virtually all of our Villages and Towns, and in New York City. Schools are expected to close across the board (Mamaroneck and others have already announced.)

We are not going to bore you with predictions of what you already know. We want to know what you’re going to do about it!  Leave a comment below: what will you be doing Wednesday?

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